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Ray Comfort Pleases His Master the Way Only He Can

I've been a fan of Ray Comfort for years. Lately, I occasionally drift back to read his blog to see what he and his cronies are up to. This is the story of my latest posts on Ray's blog.

April 6th, Ray posted an article he titled "Science Fiction". In this post he shows to his readers how stupid the evolutionary scientists are, by sharing snippets from a book called "The Wild World of the Future". This book introduces creatures from a hypothesized future world (based on scientific principles) hundreds of millions of years after our time.

As per usual, Ray didn't really say much that is worth commenting on, but he ended the article with this brief paragraph:

By the way. In case you think that this is a book for children. Not so. It is the "Companion book to the Discovery Channel series: The Future is Wild" (page 96).

Ray supplied his readers some pictures he had taken of the book, and glimpsing over them I suddenly got this tingle between my ears that only a Ray Comfort article can elicit. I surfed around the 'net for a couple of minutes, and posted something along the lines of this on Ray's blog:

Sure looks like a children's book to me. But maybe I should cut Ray some slack. Surely, he can't be confused about something like this.

(2 minutes later)

From Barnes & Noble online bookstore:

"Claire Pye is an author and editor of non-fiction books for children and adults covering subjects as diverse as healthy eating, computers, sharks and dinosaurs. Before writing The Wild World of the Future for children, she edited the adult version of the book, entitled The Future is Wild."


Unfortunately, my original post was censored by Ray and nobody ever saw it, so I'm working from memory here and the above might not be verbatim to what I wrote. After seeing that I got censored I tried posting again, just to see my words disappear in another puff of virtual smoke.

I'm used to being censored by Ray, but it's strange how it often follows a certain pattern. If my comment gets censored, Ray follows through with an edit of his original post. Maybe I'm giving myself too much credit here, but soon after I posted my first comment on that thread, Ray removed his original last paragraph, and inserted a new one with his revised view on the book:

Obviously, this book was written for children, and it is billed as the "Companion book to the Discovery Channel series: The Future is Wild" (page 96).

I tried posting a third time, rather frustrated at Ray's antics, and actually got through. Still, it was another lesson in futility, as Ray doesn't answer questions he doesn't like to answer.

I'm intrigued: did Ray Comfort really, honestly in all sincerity think that this was a book aimed at mature audiences? If so, it could serve as some sort of hint as to what kind of literature creationist kooks surround themselves with.

I love you Ray. Don't ever change.

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